Uses of Andractim Gel


Andractim Gel is considered an ideal way to treat Gynecomastia for many men. One of the reasons Andractim Gel is regarded as more beneficial in treating Gynecomastia compared to other testosterone gels is because the active ingredient DHT cannot be converted to Estrogen. In fact, the conversion (aromatization) of Testosterone into Estrogen is one of the main causes of Gynecomastia! DHT helps restore the ratio of androgenic (male) and estrogenic (female) hormones, and because it won't convert to Estrogen, Andractim Gel doesn't cause any build-up of feminizing hormones.

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As Estrogens are thought to play a role in the development of benign prostate hyperplasia (BHP), DHT may be beneficial, compared with aromatizing androgens, in the treatment of Andropause. Short-term replacement therapy of up to 3 months is safe and produces the desired masculinizing effects, with no side effects.

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Sexual Performance

Studies have shown that Andractim Gel improves erections and stimulates (limited) growth of the penis. Andractim's active ingredient, DHT, causes the spongy tissue in the penis to get erect, repair and even grow. (Conversely, DHT blocking drugs like Finasteride and Proscar can cause penile shrinkage with long-term use.) When topically applied the penis, DHT increases the number of penile cells, increasing the amount of penile tissue that holds blood, resulting in penis enlargement.