Andractim Gel Doesn't Convert to Estrogen

Unlike other Testosterone creams and gels, Andractim Gel's active ingredient, Dihydrotestosterone, can't be converted to Estriadol and won't cause a build-up of feminizing hormones.

Not only is Andractim Gel's DHT up to 30x stronger than Testosterone, it also can't be converted to Estrogen like Testosterone can be. This makes Andractim Gel an ideal way to treat Gynecomastia, Andropause and low libido. DHT actually causes anti-estrogenic responses, and helps restore the natural balance of testosterone and estrogen in men.

Conversely, other Testosterone gel products (Androgel, Testogel) can be converted to Estrogen, which can result in Gynecomastia or Andropause symptoms, and can potentially induce prostate growth and benign prostate hypertrophy.

With Andractim Gel, you don't get any feminizing hormone build-up, just masculinizing DHT. Buy now.