Andractim Gel Is An Easy Way to Treat Andropause

Andractim Gel is a safe and effective way to treat Andropause. Boost your sex drive and performance, energy levels, health and well being with this easily applied gel.

As men age from their 40s to their 70s, Testosterone levels gradually fall. In some men, this causes alarming negative effects on sexual function, energy levels, mood, physical strength and more—all symptoms of Andropause, the "male menopause."

Some of these symptoms can be relieved by with hormone replacement therapy, either intramuscular Testosterone injections or transdermal Testosterone gels and creams. (Transdermal Testosterone patches are less effective and have failed to show significant changes in muscle strength or bone mass in studies.) However, the benefits of androgen replacement must be weighed against the potential risks, including prostate growth and the development of prostate cancer.

A benefit of Andractim Gel over Testosterone gel as a short-term androgen replacement therapy is the reported muted effects of DHT on prostate growth.

Since Estrogenic hormones play a role in the development of prostate hyperplasia, as well as Gynecomastia, DHT is beneficial in the treatment of Andropause, compared with androgens that convert to Estrogen. For the same reason, Andractim Gel is the ideal therapy for patients with 5α reductase 2 deficiency.

Additionally, Andractim Gel has been scientifically proven to improve sexual performance, providing men the ability to maintain erections for longer, and stimulate additional (though limited) growth of the penis.

Andractim Gel is easily applied. Using the spatula included with your order, dispense your dose and massage into the skin of your chest, abdomen and inner thighs. The gel is then absorbed by the skin into the blood stream where very stable levels are maintained.

Short-term therapy of up to 3 months has been proven safe and produces the desired androgenic effects, with no reported side effects.

Andractim Gel is the non-feminizing hormonal solution for the treatment of Andropause. Buy now.