What Is Andractim Gel?

Andractim Gel is a synthetic formulation of Dihydrotestosterone (DHT), an androgen or male hormone. Andractim Gel contains a 2.5% concentration of DHT, delivered in an alcohol-based gel. When applied to the skin, Andractim is absorbed into the dermis and releases DHT into the circulatory system.

Andractim Gel is produced by Laboratories Besins Iscovesco (Paris, France). Please note that AndractimGel.com is not associated with Laboratories Besins Iscovesco.

The Benefits of DHT and Andractim Gel

DHT, also known as Androstanolone, is naturally synthesized in the body from Testosterone. It is highly androgenic–up to 30x stronger than Testosterone–and has many benefits for men, including a highly influential role in the development of body and facial hair and penis size. Additionally, DHT has been proven to increase a man's ability to prolong an erection.

Most notable of Andractim Gel's qualities from a medical perspective, and something that sets it apart from other transdermal Testosterone products (Androgel, Testogel), is that DHT cannot be aromatized (converted) to the feminizing hormone Estrogen. Moreover, Andractim blocks against too much Estrogen, restoring the natural balance of Testosterone and Estrogen. This makes Andractim an ideal treatment for Gynecomastia and Andropause, conditions where Estrogen build-up is problematic.