Andractim Gel DHT

Fast, Proven Results with Andractim Gel

Andractim Gel is a revolutionary topical treatment for Gynecomastia, Andropause and low libido.

Benefits of Andractim Gel

Andractim Gel and Gynecomastia

Gets Rid of Gynecomastia

Andractim Gel has a 72.5% success rate at treating Gynecomastia. Treatment is easy, painless, and affordable, and patients often respond in as little as 10 days! More Info

Andractim Gel and Andropause

Easy Way to Treat Andropause

Andractim Gel is a safe and effective way to treat Andropause. Boost your sex drive and performance, energy levels, health and well being with this easily applied gel. More Info

Andractim Gel and Estrogen

Doesn't Convert to Estrogen

Unlike other Testosterone creams and gels, Andractim Gel's active ingredient, Dihydrotestosterone, can't be converted to Estriadol and won't cause a build-up of feminizing hormones. More Info

Andractim Gel DHT

What Is Andractim Gel?

Andractim Gel is a synthetic formulation of Dihydrotestosterone (DHT), a male sex hormone. Andractim contains a 2.5% concentration of DHT, delivered in an alcohol-based gel. More Info

Uses of Andractim Gel

Uses of Andractim Gel

Andractim Gel is a topical DHT formulation that is beneficial used in the treatment of Gynecomastia and Andropause due to DHT's anti-estrogenic effects. More Info

Andractim Gel FAQ

Andractim Gel FAQ

Have questions about Andractim and DHT? Find the answers you need fast on our frequently asked questions page. Covers usage, side effects, myths and facts. More Info

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